General Manager

khaled alburaihi

General Manager: Khaled Ahmed Ali Saeed Al-Buraihi

Name of Firm: Khaled Al-Buraihi for Advocacy and Legal Services (KAB)

Since: 1994

Qualifications of the General Manager:

1- Bachelor's degree in Sharia and Law - Sana'a University
2- More than 26 years of experience in the fields of Banking, Insurance, Commercial, Companies, Tax, Agencies, intellectual rights, Civil, Criminal and Labor Law.
3- Attending many workshops in the accounting field to gain knowledge in banking, tax, and accounting issues.
4- Attending several courses in the field of banking, insurance, and companies.
5-Courses in international commercial arbitration in Yemen, Bahrain, and Paris.
6- Fluency in Arabic, English.

License to Perform the Profession:

1- Member of the Yemeni Bar Association, registration No. (656) in 1997, licensed to work before the Supreme Court.
2- Member of the International Bar Association (London), United Kingdom.
3- Member of the International Chamber of Commerce (Paris), France.
4- Commercial Registration No. (46094/2).
5- Membership of the Yemeni Chamber of Commerce (40561).
6- Tax Card No. (127585).
7- Zakat card number (63599).
8- Municipality License No. (189).

Our Address

Yemen - Sana'a
Al-Saeed Trading Center,
Floor No. 8,
PO Box: 884
Tel: +967-01-000000
Fax: +967-01-000002
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