The Taxation Law

Significant changes were made to the taxation law as a consequence of some cases our law firm took over and set out an example for authorities and companies…

Khaled Alburaihi Law firm is proud to be one of the leading law firm regarding tax cases and litigations that it won several case which were considered as precedents in that time, that the tax authority and insurance companies took them into account and started executing the outcome of these cases in many cases later on. In the year 1995 a dispute aroused among all insurance companies and the tax authority regarding the technical provisions of insurance companies of the following matters,
- Provision of Outstanding claims
- Provision of unearned premium
As a result, insurance companies went through legal litigations against the tax authority that did not reach any settlement until our law firm handled some of these cases. We saved no effort to settle these cases depending on our accountancy expertise and also our experience in the technical side of insurance companies work.
In 1997 a group of judgments were issues for our favor and these judgment were regarded as examples that all insurance companies and the tax authority followed afterwards. Based on these cases, there were some new modifications made on the income taxation law in 1999, where the provisions mentioned Above were excluded from the tax collections.
Another dispute aroused between the insurance companies and Yemeni banks against the tax authority that was in relation with the provision of re-evaluation of capital ( re-evaluation differences). This dispute was not settled until our law firm won some of these cases and they were also considered as examples which implied another modification on the taxation law. This provision was excluded from the tax collections as well.
Khaled Alburaihi Law firm is still working on these field till the present time.

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