We present you our long experience in following up on tax cases, which was based on the practical experience that our firm has in this field, whether in the technical or accounting aspect, which exceeds twenty years.

Our firm has won many cases , which was considered at the time as judicial precedents, that the tax authority and the insurance companies started working accordingly before the judiciary and the tax authority, according to what the administrations of insurance companies remember that in 1995 a problem appeared between all insurance companies with the tax authority in the items technical allocations to insurance companies, specifically the following allocations :

  • Provision for applicable notification
  • Provision for outstanding claims
  • Provision for gratuities
  • Provision for unreported claims

As a result, the insurance companies entered into legal disputes with the tax authority, but the insurance companies did not achieve success in these cases, until our firm took over a group of cases in which we exerted a lot of effort using our experience in the work of insurance companies until it was issued in our favor and in the interest of those whom we represented. In 1997, these provisions were considered as judicial precedents that were taken by all insurance companies and the tax authority, and on the basis of which the amendment of the Income Tax Law in 1999 was based on the exclusion of the above-mentioned provisions from the tax base (some of these provisions are attached to you).

A new problem appeared in that period with the tax authority, which is the provision for capital revaluation (differences in revaluation), and this problem did not end until after our office won a set of cases, the most recent of which was the case of Credit Agricole Bank, and these provisions were considered as precedents. A court of law on which banks and insurance companies relied during that period, and then the tax authority excluded this item from the tax base.
Our firm is still working in the tax field and achieving a lot of successes.

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