Banking and Finance

In-depth knowledge coupled with a thorough understanding of the law makes Al Buraihi Advocacy firm a valuable and reliable business and legal adviser.

We help our clients navigate a complex regulatory landscape amidst unpredictable geopolitical conditions. Lenders and borrowers entrust us with the responsibility of securing the most favourable terms for each transaction – maximising their return on investment and protecting their downside risk.

Effective commercial solutions

Always pragmatic and never driven by our own billing targets, we seek to engineer the simplest and most effective commercial solutions – from complex international deals, to straightforward domestic transactions.

Al Buraihi Advocacy firm employs several of the market’s most experienced financial restructuring and insolvency advisers, who are able to help devise an acceptable solution for all stakeholders, promptly and thoroughly.

What we offer?

We advise financial and professional services clients on matters including:

  • Fund and Investment structures (including cross border)
  • Acquisition and asset finance
  • Project and export financing
  • Asset management and custodian matters
  • Bonds and derivatives
  • Securitisation
  • Financial regulatory issues
  • Restructuring and insolvency
  • Financial and pension products and services
  • Banking and mortgage credit institution activities
  • Consumer protection

Practical Experience in Banking:

  • Our firm has a long experience in the business of banking and financial services. These services formed the first business and activities that our firm started working on and is still working in. Therefore, these activities represent the most important areas of legal practices for the Khalid Al-Braihi Law Firm. We represent international banks due to the long experience and the confidence that we have. We have a team of many lawyers with long experience in these fields and we also provide our services to local banks.
  • Our practical experience in the banking business grew bigger in the past twenty-one years. We started working in 2001 as lawyers and legal advisors to the French Bank Credit Agricole and Investment Bank (formerly Calyon Bank). Currently, we are working as liquidators of the bank’s business before all public and private official bodies and before the judiciary entities. During the period of our practice, we gained great knowledge of all banking business, whether from the legal aspect or from the aspect of international banking norms (the principles of the International Chamber of Commerce – Paris - French) and others. Moreover, we have gained scientific and practical experience in banking issues and all aspects related to them, whether commercial, criminal cases, foreign companies, agencies, tax, zakat, labor as well as in the field of inheritance issues.
  • We worked with all departments of the French Bank (credits, guarantees, facilities, compliance, accounts, administrative affairs, and development) and with all the bank’s branches in Yemen. We also worked with the Switzerland (Credit Suisse) branch and the Saudi Branch (Saudi French Bank). This experience granted us international experience in banking business, and we have come to grips with many international issues.
  • We worked with a group of international legal companies in 2008 to study the largest loan provided in the Middle East for the YLNG project, as we represented the interests of the creditors with this loan (British banks, French banks, Korean and Japanese banks). We have had conducted studies on loan agreements, financing and guarantees Provided to creditors, and indeed YLNG Company received the loan and set up the largest project in the region at that time, where the loan amount exceeded four and a half billion US dollars.
  • We worked on many big tax issues, in particular issues related to the French Bank, Credit Agricole for Finance, and Investment, in 1995, a conflict started between the Tax Authority and the banks regarding the capital revaluation provision (revaluation differences) and this problem did not end until we won a set of cases, both for insurance companies and for the French bank, and these provisions were considered as precedents on which all banks and insurance companies relied on. The Tax Authority then excluded this item from the tax base at the time, in addition to some other illegal items based on these provisions.
  • Since the volume of business of the French Bank has decreased in recent years after the General Administration of the Bank in Paris took the decision of voluntary liquidation of the Yemen branch in 2011, we worked in the areas of Islamic banking activities where we provided our legal services to Tadhamon Bank (although there is a legal department Tadhamon Bank), particularly its business related to external activities. We provided them with many solutions to the problems that occurred because of the war in Yemen. Eg, the bank received requests for confiscation of letters of guarantee and other legal problems during the war time. We also worked on developing agreements and bank requests forms to keep pace with developments in local and international legislation, and this matter has granted us good knowledge of the activities of Islamic banks, knowing that we have a background in Islamic sales as it was one of the aspects in my university studies.
  • We have worked with the World Bank (Washington) in many legal studies since 2004 on the topics of starting a business, property registration, taxes, obtaining building permits, and other legal studies.
  • Since we have a long work experience in banking activities, we have a strong relationship with the current and previous successive administrations of the Central Bank of Yemen. Where we have worked with them on many issues related to banking activities.

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